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CNC bending machine operation

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Good quality shearing machine for sales
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CNC bending machine operation

CNC bending machine operation

CNC bending machine operation
1 CNC bending machine should be operated by hand, to prohibit the operation of non related personnel on the plane.

2.operator before operation shall wear labor protection supplies, and careful inspection of the machine and working environment, check to make sure before the start-up operation.

3.Check the contents including the performance of the cnc bending machine equipment, process and tooling, machine maintenance and succession records, abnormal shall timely report to the foreman.
3 boot machine according to the following steps:
3.1 starting machine total power
3.2 NC LCD control panel is opened automatically
3.3 start hydraulic motor
3.4 zero after entering the main directory state
3.5 press the control panel to start the switch, the machine tool for zero.
4. Self compiled NC program, according to the choice of the upper and lower moulds a workpiece length plate thickness properties and bending pressure meter, machine folding bending stress should be less than die pressure, clamping mould, segmented mold must be individually fastening. When programming should be taken to avoid the workpiece in the bending process, and the upper and lower mold and gauge interference, to ensure personal safety. Procedures for the preparation of a direct angle and two modes of
5 stored in the operation mode of NC operation procedures and inspection, according to the requirements of the program into the specified upper and lower mold. When the die is installed, the CNC bending machine tool should be set to stop.
6.After the program in run mode at least run two times, check whether the correct procedures can be performed before bending work.
7.bending work pieces. As far as possible by one man operation, for two or more people, by which experienced one issued instructions, maintain consistent steps.
8. small bending parts or long size parts should be carefully considered to avoid the workpiece and die with the body hidden safety problems.
9. bending process, prohibit people without fixed duties stay in the bending region, to ensure personal safety.
10. bending process, prohibit the hand or other parts of the body in the machine tool between the upper and lower die.
11. bending process, must check whether the mold has the loosening, displacement, ensure the fastening.
12. Bending in the process of, such as a failure or an emergency situation, should immediately press the emergency stop button to stop, report to the foreman, identify the cause or failure to lift the rear boot.
13.After the Work, such as temporary no longer, the use of cnc bending machine tools, should be promptly and properly stored procedures, the machine tool and mould clamping, followed by close button operation of hydraulic motor and machine total power.

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