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cnc shearing machine

Good quality shearing machine for sales
Good quality shearing machine for sales
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cnc shearing machine

cnc shearing machine

CNC shearing machine refers to the number of instructions numbers words and symbols to achieve shear or multiple shear action trigger device control technology.


an introduction to CNC shearing machine.
CNC shearing machine is generally implemented by general or special digital program control computer, it is usually controlled by the position,

CNC shearing machine
The angle and speed of mechanical quantity and switch quantity and mechanical energyflow. CNC shearing machine production relies on data carriers and binary form Data operation.


CNC shearing machine characteristic
Performance characteristics: forced accurate positioning, Worm gear Worm gear, rod screw concentric, no noise and structural features: the use of steel plate welded structure, hydraulic transmission, accumulator return, convenient operation, reliable performance, beautiful appearance
Blade gap adjustment indicator, the adjustment is convenient and quick. A lighting device on the line, and the stepless adjustment of the tool carrier itinerary (optional)
Fence type safety protection device
After the block size and the shear number of a digital display device
Hydraulic tilting rack. A solid and durable welding, the use of storage device cylinder return level, stable and fast.

CNC shearing machine with stepless adjustment function of the stroke, the upper and lower blades Edge Use the handle to adjust the clearance volume, blade gap evenness easy adjustment.
Door gate and electrical interlock to ensure safe operation.
CNC system and position closed-loop control system, high speed, high precision, good stability, can accurately ensure ofRear displacement precision CNC system, at the same time with compensation function and automatic detection and other additional features.


CNC shearing machine Operation rules
(a) carefully before work done:
1, for the air operation before commissioning, should first use of artificial barring a stroke, to confirm the normal use of equipment.
2, a hydraulic device, check the oil box oil should be sufficient. Start the pump after the check valve, pipeline leaks, the pressure should be consistent with the requirements. Open the bleeder valve off the air in the system.
(b) work conscientiously:
1, no shear laminated material, no burr trimming plate edge, pressure is not allowed to cut tight and short narrow sheet material.
2, the gap between the blade according to the thickness of the sheet to adjust, but not greater than 1/30 thick plate. The blade should be tightened firmly, the upper and lower knife plate remain parallel alignment after application of artificial turning test, so as to avoid accidents.
3, the blade edge should be kept sharp, such as cutting edge blunt or crack phenomenon, should be promptly replaced.
4, shear, pressure device should be firmly pressed sheet, not shear in the tight state under pressure.
5, hydraulic equipment, in addition to the throttle and other hydraulic valves are not permitted to transfer.
6, the hydraulic shears shear sheet thickness, should be based on the "map" of thick curve sheet and plate to determine the ultimate strength.
Three) after work should be on the knife plate on the most next position.


matters needing attention of operating CNC shearing machine
1, before working to carefully check the shears of each part is normal, the electric equipment is in good condition, the lubrication system is smooth; clear the table board and placed around the tools, gauges and other debris and scrap materials.
2, don't 1 people operating shears, 2 - 3 people should coordinate feeding, control precision and reclaimer, and determined by the 1 unified command.
3, according to the provisions of the plate thickness, clearance adjustment scissors shears. At the same time, 2 kinds of sheet to shear different specifications and materials shall be stacked shearing. Shearing requirements of surface roughness, shear compression is not allowed to narrow material.
4, shear belt, flywheel, gear and shaft moving parts must be installed protective cover.
5, the operator shears feeding finger from a pair of scissors to be kept to a minimum distance of more than 200mm, and left clamping device.
Can not be placed in protective fence cut on the trigger block operator eyes can not see the cutting part. And waste produced after the operation, the operator should be promptly removed, to prevent being stabbed, cut.


The characteristics of the application of frequency converter
The main characteristics of SAJ inverter used in CNC shearing machine:

1, low frequency torque, stable output
2, high performance vector control
3, torque and fast dynamic response speed and high accuracy
4, stop speed
5, strong anti-interference ability


Development trend
According to statistics, the world machine tool export country (24 countries) machine tool exports amounted to $21 billion 500 million, accounting for 58.4% of the total. China's machine tool exports accounted for only 1% of the international machine tool exports, China accounted for 10% of the total machine. But China's CNC machine tool exports the road still has great prospects for development. The reason is: first, according to the data of import and export of our machines in recent years, China's exports of general machine tools has declined more than before. The international machine tool industry is CNC machine tools as the main products, China is the largest export volume of CNC machine tool products: CNC lathe, CNC machine tools, CNC bending forming machine, CNC grinding machine CNC, CNC shearing machine, die casting machine etc.. In recent years the CNC machine tool also appeared a record high situation, but China's CNC machine tool exports or in the low-end machine tool, CNC machine tools for a large number of our country exports is still quite small.
Two, China's machine tool exports mainly in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe. But in recent years, China's machine tool exports diversification, a lot of NC machine tools are exported to Holland, the Middle East, South America and other regions. Especially for the UK and Canada use a large number of CNC machine tools is a share of the country. Now, China's machine tool exports to the United States, the main regions of Europe and Asia. About China's machine tool exports each accounted for 20%.
Three, with the continuous adjustment and upgrading recovery in the international market and China's CNC machine tool technology. Our country in recent years on China's machine tool industry to export a large number of continuous adjustment, to achieve stable and rapid growth trend.
Four, strong support from the Chinese government, but also continuously improve the export share of CNC machine tools. In recent years, China's machine tool exports rose from about $500 million to $785 million (as of 2000). With China's reform and opening up, being in line with international standards, to join WTO, diversified development trend of various. To make our CNC machine industry upgrading and development, constantly in the future, I believe that the industry of NC machine in our country will occupy a larger share of international development, greater development prospects in waiting for the CNC machine tools in china. China's CNC machine tools need only continuous reform and innovation, and constantly improve themselves, develop their own special machine technology in the future of the situation in the near future, CNC machine tool exports will continue steady rise.
Any one machine products, is always the core technology innovation constantly, constantly surpass themselves, to become a leader in this field. Anhui Tongkuai NC Machine Tool Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is

one of the leading manufacturer of press brake machine,shearing machine and punching machine in China.

Believe that under the leadership of the central government, China's major machine tool enterprises under the leadership of China's CNC machine tools will usher in a good development trend in the near future.

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