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How to choose a right bending machine?

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Good quality shearing machine for sales
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How to choose a right bending machine?

How to choose a right bending machine?

How to choose a right bending machine?

In the purchase of the bending machine when the choice is undeserved, the cost of production will be rising, bending machine can not be expected to recover the cost. Therefore, there are several factors to be weighed in the decision.

The first important issues worth considering is that you want to produce parts, the point is to buy a table to complete the processing tasks and the shortest, the minimum machine tonnage.
Carefully consider the material processing and the maximum thickness and length. If most of the work is the maximum length of a thickness of 16 gauge, 10 feet (3.048 meters) of low carbon steel, then bending force will not be larger than 50 tons. However, if in the bottom of dies. The forming, may be considered a 160 tonnage Machine tool .
Assuming the thick material is 1/4 inches, 10 foot free bending needs 200 tons, while for the die bending (bending correction) needs at least 600 tons. If most of the workpiece is 5 feet or less tonnage almost halve so as to greatly reduce the cost of purchase. The length of parts is very important to determine the new machine specifications.
Under the same load, 10 feet machine and slider 4 times the deflection is 5 feet machine. That is, the shorter the machine requires less gasket can produce qualified parts. Reduce gasket adjustment andshorten the time.
Material is one of the key factors. Compared with the low carbon steel, stainless steel to load is increased by about 50%, while most brands of soft aluminum reduction of about 50%. You can get there from the machine bending machine manufacturers at the tonnage table, the table shows estimated tonnage in different thickness and materials under each foot length required.
Bending radius
Using free bending, bending radius of die opening is 0.156 times. In the bending process, the die opening distance should be 8 times the thickness of metal material. For example, the use of 1/2 inches (0.0127 meters) from the opening forming 16 gauge low carbon steel, parts of the bending radius is about 0.078 inches. If the bending radius is almost to the thickness of the material,
Must be carried out for the die forming. However, for the die forming the required pressure is about 4 times larger than the free bending.
If the bending radius is smaller than the thickness of the material, the punch radius should be used in front of less than the thickness of the material, and turn to stamping bending method. So, you need 10 times in bendingstress.
Free bending, punch and die at 85 degrees or less than 85 degrees of processing (small as well). Use this set of mold, pay attention to the gap punch and die in the bottom of the stroke, and to keep the material springback compensation and 90 DEG bending.
Usually, the springback free bending die bending machine produced in the new angle less than 2 degrees, the bending radius is equal to 0.156 times the die opening distance.
As for the die bending die angle is generally 86 ~ 90 degrees. At the bottom of the trip end, there should be a slightly larger than the thickness of the material between the punch and die clearance. The forming angle can be improved, because for the die bending of large tonnage (about 4 times of bending free), reduce the range of bending radius usually stress caused by the springback.
For the die stamping bending and bending of the same, but the bending radius of front-end processing to the punch and die clearance, the bottom end of the stroke is less than the thickness of the material. Due to exert enough pressure (about 10 times the free bending force) punch front contact material, basically to avoid the rebound.
In order to select the lowest number specification, the best bending radius is larger than the thickness of the material plan, and as far as possible using free bending method. The bending radius is large, often does not affect the use and quality of the future.
The bending precision is a factor that needs careful consideration, it is decided to consider this factor, manual bending machine bending machine or a CNC. If the bending precision of + 1 degrees and can not be changed, we must focus on the CNC machine.
CNC bending machine slider repeatability is + 0.0004 inches, forming a precise angle should be used in such precision and good die. Manual slider bending machine repeat accuracy is + 0.002 inches, and generally produce deviation + 2~3 degrees would be used in a suitable mold conditions. In addition, CNC bending machine for fast loading mode ready, when many small batch parts bending, this is considered a reason to allow all doubt.
Even if there is a shelf full of die, do not think that the mould suitable for the new machine. Must check the wear each piece mold, is measured between the punch nose to shoulder length and shoulder length.
For the conventional mold, each foot deviation should be within 0.001 inches, and the total length deviation is less than 0.005 inches. As for the grinding precision mold, each foot should be 0.0004 inches, the total precision of not more than 0.002 inches. The best grinding mold for CNC bending machine, mold used in conventional manual bending machine.
Bending length
Assuming a 10-gauge low carbon steel plate along the 5 x 10 feet bending 90 degrees, bending machine must be added about 7.5 tons of pressure plate to top up, and the operator must be 280 pounds of straight edge whereabouts ready. This part may need several robust and strong workers and even a crane. The bending machine bending parts often need long side, are not aware of how hard they work.


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