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Maintenance of press brake machine

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Good quality shearing machine for sales
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Maintenance of press brake machine

Maintenance of press brake machine
In the maintenance or cleaning press brake machine, should be on die alignment die down after the shutdown, until the work is finished, such as starting or other operations, should be selected in manual mode, and ensure safety. The maintenance of press brake machine is as follows:
1, hydraulic circuit
1) weekly check oil level, such as hydraulic system maintenance should also check the oil level is lower than the oil window should be filled with hydraulic oil;
2) the machine with hydraulic oil for ISO HM46 or MOBIL DTE25;
3) the new machine after 2000 hours of work should be oil, after every 4000 to 6000 hours after the oil change, oil change every time, should be cleaning the tank;
4) the oil temperature should be between 35 to 60 DEG C, shall not exceed 70 degrees, such as high oil and accessories will lead to deterioration and damage.
2, filter
1) every time when changing the oil filter should be replaced or cleaned thoroughly;
2) machine related alarm or oily clean and other filter abnormalities should be replaced;
3) air filter tank, check the cleaning every 3 months, the best replacement for 1 years.
3, hydraulic components
1) monthly cleaning hydraulic components (valve, substrate, motor, pump, tubing, etc.) to prevent dirt from entering the system, you can not use detergent;
2) the new press brake machine after a month, check the tubing bending or deformation, such as abnormal should be replaced, after two months of use, all parts should be secured connection, this work should be shut down, the system without pressure.
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