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shearing machine

Good quality shearing machine for sales
Good quality shearing machine for sales
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shearing machine

shearing machine

Shearing machine is a blade relative to another blade reciprocating linear motion shearing plate machine. Is borrowed from the motion of the blade and the lower blade is fixed, a reasonable blade gap, sheet metal of different thickness shear force is applied, the material according to the size required for separation fracture. Is a kind of forging machinery in shearing machine, the main function is the metal processing industry. The products are widely used to provide special machinery and complete sets of equipment needed in aviation, light industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, construction, shipbuilding, automobile, electric power, electrical appliances, decoration and other industries.

The main classification of shearing machine

Shearing machine is Special cutting machine,Cooperate with other equipment,


Complete special purpose of shearing machine

1, cold roll forming line cutting machine: such as configuration of automobile frame line, cold carriage side baffle plate production line, color steel plate molding line production line special shears etc.;

2, steel structure production line cutting machine: mainly used for finish cut process angle, H type steel automatic production line;

3, Kaiping line cutting machine for plate board Uncoiling leveling line, high speed cutting machine designed for production line speed requirements of the shear line, plate hydraulic high-speed shearing machine, thin line with pneumatic cutting machine equipped with high-speed line; Flying shears Continuous production, high efficiency.


Oblique edge shearing machine

The two blade shears into an angle, generally on the blade is tilted, the tilt angle is 1 degrees to 6 degrees. Oblique blade shears shear force than flat blade cutting machine is small, so the motor power and the weight is greatly reduced, the most practical application, cutting machine manufacturer producing more such shears.


Flat blade shearing machine

Good cutting quality, the distortion is small, but the shear force, energy consumption. mechanical drive The more. The two blade shears used in parallel to each other. Rolling mill Hot shearing bloom and billet; according to the shearing and cutting type and can be divided into upcut.


Multipurpose shearing machine

1, combined punching and shearing machine: can complete plate shear, and shear of profiles, used for blanking process;

2, plate bending and shearing machine that can complete shear and bend two processes on the same machine.

shearing machine working principle 
Shearing machine should be ensured to be cut sheet shearing surface straightness and parallelism requirement.
And try to reduce the plate twist, the workpiece in order to obtain high quality. The cutter blade is arranged on the tool holder, the lower blade is fixed on the working table. The work bench is provided with a material support ball, so the sheet sliding on top when being scratched. After the block for positioning of plate, the position is adjusted by motor. The pressure cylinder used for pressing sheet, to prevent the plate move in shearing. The fence is a safety device, to prevent the occurrence of accidents. Return by nitrogen, fast speed, small impact.

Shearing machine operation rules
First, earnestly implement the Shearing machine
The relevant provisions of the "procedures" with forging equipment.
Second: earnestly implement the following relevant supplementary provisions:
1, work carefully before:
1), before the cargo transfer test, should be the first to use artificial barring a stroke, to confirm the normal use of equipment. 
2), a hydraulic device, check the amount of oil storage tank should be sufficient. Start the pump after the check valve, pipeline leaks, the pressure should be consistent with the requirements. Open the bleeder valve off the air in the system.
2, work conscientiously:
1), no shear laminated material, no burr blanking edge trimming,Pressure is not allowed to cut tight and short narrow sheet material.
2), the gap between the blade according to the thickness of the sheet to adjust, but the Board shall not be greater than 1/30. The blade should be tightened firmly, the upper and lower knife plate remain parallel alignment after application of artificial turning test, so as to avoid accidents.
3), the blade edge should be sharp, such as cutting edge blunt or crack phenomenon, should be promptly replaced.
4) shearing machine, pressure device should be firmly pressed sheet, not shear in the tight state under pressure.
5), a hydraulic device, in addition to the throttle and other hydraulic valves are not permitted to transfer.
6), the hydraulic shearing machine shear sheet thickness, should be based on the "map" of thick curve sheet and plate to determine the ultimate strength. 
3, the work should be on the knife plate on the most next position.
Wear protective clothing, before operation to coat hem cuff buckle, not open,

Not in use Machine tool Next to wear and take off clothes, or cloth on the body, prevent machinery injury. Must wear safety hat Braid, cap should be placed shall not wear skirts, slippers. [1]
Shearing machine operator must be familiar with the main structure, performance and shear method using shearing machine.
Cutting machine applicable to cutting material thickness of machine tool ratings steel plate Copper, aluminum and non-metallic materials plate, and must be no hard mark, welding slag, slag, weld material, do not allow the thickness.
Using the method of shearing machine: according to the thickness of the material being cut, the blade gap adjustment; according to the material was cut to adjust the width of copying or fixture; cut to make 1 - 3 times the air travel machine before operation, before it can be cut normal work.
In case of abnormal machine, cut off the power supply should immediately stop check.
The adjustment of machine tool, the power must be cut off, moving the workpiece, should pay attention to the safety of the hand.
Shears should keep all the lubrication, lubricants class should be added operatives once every six months by the mechanic parts of the rolling bearing lubricants add a.

Use note of shearing machine
1, start cutting machine machine for idling several cycle, to ensure that in normal circumstances, try to cut different thickness from thin to thick. To ensure that users are familiar with cutting machine performance.
2, try to cut must be adjusted when different thickness of different blade clearance. If the corresponding blade gap adjustment, will affect the durability of the blade.
3, open the pressure gauge switch shears in the shearing process, observe the oil pressure, shear stress should be less than 12mm board 20MPa. This remote pressure regulating valve factory pressure setting No9, 20 - 22MPa, the user must abide by the rules, not to increase the pressure to cut over a specified material surface, causing damage to the machine.
4, when the sound balance. Shears if noise should stop for inspection.
5, shearing operation tank improve temperature <60 degrees than when turned off.

Shearing machine Maintenance
1 operations, in strict accordance with the rules;
2, each boot according to the lubrication chart for timing,

Shears Fixed-point, quantitative lubricating oil, oil should be clean and free of precipitation;
3, the shearing machine must be kept clean, not part of the oil antirust paint;
4, Motor Lubrication bearing overflow oil should be changed regularly filling, and regularly check the electrical part of the work is normal and safe;
5, regularly check the triangle belt, handle, knob, button is damaged, serious wear should be replaced, and report of spare parts;
6, regular inspection repair switch, insurance, handle, ensure the reliability of their work;
7, every 10 minutes before work, the machine tool lubrication and clean Machine tool ;
8, no non designated personnel to operate the equipment, usually must be done from the machine stop. 

Shearing machine technical requirement
Cutting machine is a kind of widely used cutting equipment in the machining process, it can cut various thickness of steel material. The commonly used shear is divided into horizontal shear, rolling shear and shear vibration of 3 types. Flat cut machine is used more. Shear thickness less than 10mm shears for mechanical transmission, hydraulic transmission is more than 10mm. General use pedal or button manipulation of single or continuous shearing metal. Should pay attention to when operating shears:
1, before working to carefully check the shears of each part is normal, the electric equipment is in good condition, the lubrication system is smooth; clear the table board and placed around the tools, gauges and other debris and scrap materials.
2, don't 1 people operating shears, should be 2 - 3 people were feeding, coordinated control dimensional accuracy And taking, and determined by the 1 unified command.
3, according to the provisions of the plate thickness, clearance adjustment scissors shears. At the same time, 2 kinds of sheet to shear different specifications and materials shall be stacked shearing. Shearing requirements of surface roughness, shear compression is not allowed to narrow material.

Shears (Figure 6)
4, shear belt, flywheel, gear And the shaft and other moving parts must be installed protection cover .
5, the shearing machine operator shears feeding finger from a pair of scissors to be kept to a minimum distance of more than 200mm, and left clamping device. Can not be placed in protective fence cut on the trigger block operator eyes can not see the cutting part. And waste produced after the operation, the operator should be promptly removed, to prevent being stabbed, cut.
6, shears free wheel Gear shaft, adhesive tape Sports should be part of the protecting hood.
7, place the fence, prevent the shearing machine operator hand into the scissors fall within the region. Do not pick up on the ground so as not to waste, the workpiece by the falling injury.
8, not shear quenched material, must not be allowed to exceed the working ability of cutting shears.

Shearing machine model

Trouble shooting

1, ask the shearing machine operator about equipment, shears Hydraulic system The operation conditions of equipment. Including: hydraulic system of shearing machine is working properly; hydraulic pump has no abnormal phenomenon; Hydraulic oil Detection of cleanliness time and results; filter cleaning and replacement; before failure on hydraulic components of a regulation; whether the replacement of sealing components; before and after the fault of hydraulic system of shearing machine appeared which is not a normal phenomenon; past the system appeared what is how to remove the fault, etc., need to understand one by one.
2, look at the actual situation of hydraulic system of shearing machine work, observation system pressure, speed, oil leakage, vibration, etc. if there is a problem.
3, listen to the voice of the hydraulic system of cutting machine, such as: impact sound; pump noise and abnormal sound judgment; hydraulic system is working properly.
4, touch temperature rise Vibration and crawling and tightness of the connection point of the shearing motion machine hydraulic system components to determine whether it is normal state.

Choose the right shearing machine
During the purchase, should pay attention to the following points:
1, according to the needs of their own specifications to determine the parameters, the purchase of the machines, while also taking into account after the expansion of the scale of enterprises after the requirements have a certain cushion to determine the machine parameters. Especially for cutting shears, material thickness range, slitting machine in a size, in determining the model parameters of the machine, you can contact the manufacturer to buy. 
2, to confirm the purchase of machinery manufacturers which, at this point, often the most easily overlooked, because no matter in relation to which manufacturers, basically will inform the manufacturers specializing in the production of the types of products, in fact, different manufacturers often have different models, manufacturers often through the way of transshipment to provide various types of products. So the user should pay special attention to choose suitable is the best.
3, the contact number of production machine enterprise, get the machine price, payment and delivery parameters, etc., the most important step is to choose to buy the factory. By removing the highest and lowest value after the selection of a trustworthy manufacturer, it can obtain better performance, but also can guarantee the quality of service and customer service.
4, choose some special manufacturers as a comparison, in the know more about buying around the use of machine tool, the quality of the machine, especially the service customer service etc.. Consider the various factors, choose the best price, best service factory.
5, determine the manufacturers, the next is a contract deposit, take delivery or cash on delivery and other related matters

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